Fatherland's Explore Cultural Learning Program

Welcome to the Fatherland’s Explore Cultural Learning, the unique, uplifting, educational platform, that teaches children (age 9 to 16), about the Culture and Traditional Values of Africa. This important project, which is being commended for a highly coveted educational award, provides an in-depth understanding of a revered, time-honoured, African way of life.

It can be delivered to millions of young learners worldwide, via two methods:

It seems so unfair that under the general history curriculum, African and African descendent children, have not been taught anything related to their African heritage, history, or culture. – And as a result, lack of identity has been an issue But after many years, & a great deal of inequality, things are finally are changing, as people & institutions become more mindful about underserved communities. To that end, we invite you be part of this movement, by signing up to the

How it Works

The Fatherland's Explore Cultural Learning Program comprises various learning goals, and all the children will be given the necessary support and tools, to ensure that these are easily attained in a positive, fun, uplifting way.

How it Works

If you would like to improve the identity and self-understanding of your school's African and African descendent children (age 9 to 16), then we cordially invite you register your school on the Fatherland's Explore Cultural Learning Program.